As an attorney, you know the legal profession has a multitude of risks. From malpractice claims and legal fees to security breaches and lost laptops, your firm faces inherent risks each and every day.

According to the latest ABA Profile of Legal Malpractice Claims*, legal malpractice claims continue to rise. Although less than 15% of cases result in a payment to the plaintiff by trial or settlement, there was a huge increase where claimants received more than $1 million. Unfortunately, even if you win a claim, it is costly to defend yourself. Adequate insurance is more important than ever to protect you against the unexpected.

To protect yourself, your partners and the assets of your firm from the costs of a potential claim, get Professional Liability and Cyber Liability Insurance from the NYC Bar Insurance Program.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance is critical to protect your firm from the multitude of risks you face each and every day. It covers the cost of legal fees your firm may face, if claims are filed as a result of your services.

Despite all Professional Liability Insurance covers, it does not include all cyber liability risks. If your business happens to fall victim to a cyber-attack, your Professional Liability policy will not cover the legal costs and interruption of business expenses.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Like our Professional Liability Insurance, our Cyber Liability Insurance is designed specifically for lawyers. Cyber Liability Insurance has no sub limits of coverage, making it the most comprehensive coverage available to lawyers.

With Cyber Liability Insurance from the NYC Bar Insurance Program, your firm will be protected from a variety of cyber incidents, such as:

  • Malicious destruction of data
  • Virus, malware, spyware, etc.
  • Accidental damage of data
  • Human error
  • IT system failure
  • Breach of privacy
  • Misuse of personal data and more

Protect your firm with Professional and Cyber Liability Insurance from the New York City Bar Association Insurance Program. Together, these policies provide peace of mind that your firm will get back on track quickly, should there be a claim. Plus, when you purchase insurance from the NYC Bar Insurance Program, you know you get the right coverage at the best price.

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Disclaimer: *2012-2015 ABA Profile of Legal Malpractice Claims