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Lockton Affinity, an affiliate of Lockton Companies, was formed in 1987 to meet the dynamic, specialized insurance needs of affinity groups, non-profits, associations and franchises.

The Importance of Professional and Cyber Liability Insurance

As an attorney, you know the legal profession has a multitude of risks. From malpractice claims and legal fees to security breaches and lost laptops, your firm faces inherent risks each and every day.

According to the latest ABA Profile of Legal Malpractice Claims*, legal malpractice claims continue to rise. Although less than 15% of cases result in a payment to the plaintiff by trial or settlement, there was a huge increase where claimants received more than $1 million. Unfortunately, even if you win a claim, it is costly to defend yourself. Adequate insurance is more important than ever to protect you against the unexpected.

To protect yourself, your partners and the assets of your firm from the costs of a potential claim, get Professional Liability and Cyber Liability Insurance from […]

November 7th, 2017|

Law Firms – A Favorite Target of Cyber Criminals

Law firms, both big and small, are increasingly vulnerable to the menace of cybercrime.  Recent news reports of the devastating attack on the global law firm DLA Piper have heightened concerns. The hackers prevented DLA Piper, and many of their clients, from conducting any business by taking them completely off-line.  It has been reported that the attack could cost them millions to fully recover.

In the case of a data breach like DLA Piper’s, firms are legally responsible to notify every client and former client who may have been affected. With direct costs (such consulting with legal counsel, hiring forensic experts, notifying and offering restitution to victims) averaging $158 per record, a breach can be costly. Firms should take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their clients from cyber […]

September 27th, 2017|